Poslaju International

Poslaju international is different from Poslaju domestic services where you will be less charged by Poslaju company owing to the courier services for internal locations of Malaysia only. Whereas Poslaju international case, you have to pay a high amount of charges to send the Poslaju parcel for international locations.

How to calculate the Poslaju International Rates

If you are the user of Poslaju website www.pos.com.my, you can find the fastest computation and easier way for manipulation of Poslaju international rates. You have to follow the below subsequent steps to calculate the efficient Poslaju International rates such as:
  • Initially, you have to visit the Poslaju company online website i.e. www.pos.com.my.
  • By clicking the above-mentioned website, you can observe Poslaju services section wherein you will see quick access option.
  • In quick access option, you will get calculate postage link in which you can click Poslaju international services.
  • After going through international services, you can see default 3 mail type option and select preferred mail type option like Mail or Parcel or Poslaju.
  • Later, you can type the weight of parcel in grams based on the website of Poslaju and click submit option with proper information.
  • Finally, Poslaju Internation rates will be shown according to your information which you entered in the provided API box.
Here, you have to keep in mind that the Poslaju international rates are varying every year due to the change in business policies of POS Malaysia company. Track the current status of your parcel | mail on poslaju tracking page

Poslaju Rates

The Poslaju international rates mainly decided by Poslaju rate factors in which the location and weight as concerned terms. Based on the location, the charges of Poslaju courier services will be depended and weight also matters while calculating the amount for sending the Poslaju parcel to another person who is from a domestic or international location. According to the location of a person whom you wants to send the courier, the charges will be calculated by Poslaju company. You can also calculate the cost of Poslaju services to send the courier using the website of Poslaju that is www.pos.com.my. By visiting that website, you can easily manipulate the Poslaju rates through a postage calculator.

 In POS Malaysia courier services, you can find three mail types which are Mail, Poslaju, and Parcel. These mail type options having different kinds of rate structures. You can select one of the mail type options in accordance with your courier parcel and get the Poslaju rates by entering the details like weight, location, etc. to know the Poslaju rates for Poslaju domestic or Poslaju international locations. If you are having any queries regarding the calculation of Poslaju domestic or international rates, you can directly contact to Poslaju contact number to get more information.

 By considering all the above points, you can gain abundant details about Poslaju international rates and domestic rates as well. If you have prior knowledge in calculation of Poslaju international rates, you will get the international rates within seconds of time by utilizing the online services of Poslaju which means based on Poslaju official website i.e. www.pos.com.my.