Poslaju Rates

Generally, sending of a courier starts based on the deciding factor of Poslaju rates which are having many variations in domestic and international. Poslaju rates will change every year owing to the policies of POS Malaysia willing to vary. you have to consider many factors on which Poslaju rates will going to vary and one of the most concerned factors is location. when you want to send the Poslaju courier to domestic that means in the country itself, then the charges will be low. Otherwise, you are desired to send the Poslaju parcel to international locations wherein the rates would be very high. Here, you have to notice one import factor that is weight also matters while calculating the Poslaju rates for parcels in both categories such as domestic and international standards.

How to realize the Poslaju rates

By utilized all the deciding factors of Poslaju rates, the online website of Poslaju tracking provides you a postage calculator in which you can calculate the Poslaju rates according to the categories of domestic and international locations. Using the online website of Poslaju tracking i.e. www.pos.com.my, you can get a complete idea about Poslaju rates on domestic and international categories. So, let's start the discussions on domestic calculations of Poslaju rates.

Poslaju Rates of Domestic Services

The POS Malaysia courier services are available to you in three types and they are parcel, mail and Pos Laju which consists of different rate structures according to customer requirements. If you visit the official website of Poslaju tracking www.pos.com.my, you will get the aforementioned types in POS Malaysia domestic services. It is pretty easy to calculate the postage rates of Poslaju and all you need to do is follow the exact below steps while manipulating the Poslaju rates for domestic services charged by POS Malaysia.
  • At first instance, you have to visit the official website of Poslaju tracking that is www.pos.com.my or you can click this URL which directed to the POS Malaysia online website.
  • it's time to navigate the postal services section in the visited website of Poslaju.
  • After clicking the postal services section, you can find the quick services option and calculate postage link is there in the quick services section.
  • By going through calculate postage link, you will be going to observe domestic rates menu with all three mail types.
  • choose your preferred type of mail option and enter the weight of a Poslaju parcel in grams.
  • select the submit button if you feel all entered details are correct or you can click reset button to edit the information.
By following above steps, you can easily calculate the Poslaju rates for domestic locations instantly with error-free results. Now, it's time to know the calculation of international Poslaju rates.

Poslaju Rates of International Services

Based on the steps of Poslaju rates for domestic services, you can find the Poslaju rates for international services by clicking international rates menu instead of domestic rates menu. It's damn sure you will not take more than 5 seconds to calculate the international rates of Poslaju if you follow the aforementioned steps exactly. Check out homepage of our website to track poslaju number